The Doctrines of Signatures


It is the embodiment in the features of a plant’s appearance or behavior that corresponds to what it acts upon in the human body or how it cures.  You can even break the word up and you get 

Sign of Nature” = Signature

Have you heard of it?  It is a belief that some plants carry a trademark, a huge resemblance equal to our body’s parts, and that they have special qualities that benefit or cure it.

This is a new series on the clues that plant foods give us regarding their health benefit.  The plants give signals such as shape, color, and texture to serve as hints.

I like to refer to it as nature’s look-a-likes.  Others have termed it “Nature’s Pharmacy.”

From head to toe, we will take a look at those foods that resemble our bodies’ organs which give us clues where they nutritionally benefit.  

I hope you will join me in discovering these secrets of nature. 

Today we have effective modern tools to evaluate the efficacy and healing properties of plants, animals, minerals, and synthetic substances, but how did people in earlier times evaluate the natural resources available to treat their illnesses?

For hundreds of years, healers and medical practitioners relied on the doctrine of signatures to signal the potential healing effects of plants. In the 1st Century AD, the Greek physician and author of Materia Medica, Pedanius Dioscorides, described medicinal plants according to a divine intention. His belief was that God marked objects with signs, or “signatures”, of their purpose.

The Greeks called walnuts karyon, or “head”.

Walnuts are perhaps the most obvious example. Their outer shell resembles a skull, and within the shell is the edible walnut which looks identical to our physical brain by resembling the right and left hemispheres and even the wrinkled folds!  It is no shocking discovery that we find walnuts to be great brain food, containing omega 3 fatty acids (an essential fatty acid) is an important brain nutrient.

In fact the brain, after adipose tissue, is the organ richest in lipids, whose only role is to participate in membrane structure.  EFAs, as messengers, are involved in the synthesis and functions of brain neurotransmitters, and in the molecules of the immune system. Neuronal membranes contain phospholipid pools that are the reservoirs for the synthesis of specific lipid messengers on neuronal stimulation or injury. These messengers in turn participate in signaling cascades that can either promote neuronal injury or neuroprotection.



Omega 3 fatty acids, like rich alfa-linolenic acid, in walnut are essential for a healthy brain.

High Omega 3 fatty acid content helps
keep your nervous system working smoothly and to

Nutrients in walnuts, including polyunsaturated fat, polyphenols, and vitamin E, may help reduce oxidative damage and inflammation in your brain.

The human brain is nearly 60 percent fat. These fatty acids are among the most crucial molecules that determine your brain’s integrity and ability to perform.

Omega-3 fatty acids deficiency is linked to a myriad of cognitive problems in both children and adults including:

  • ADHD
  • Hyperactivity
  • Depression
  • Learning disabilities
  • Memory loss
  • Sleep disorders
  • Poor problem-solving skills

Walnuts are also rich in many anti-oxidants:

Help to prevent and repair brain damage due to free-radicals.

An excellent food to boost your mood, clear your mind

Help it to perform at its best. They can also help avoid cognitive dysfunction as we age.

Additional benefits close to the brain:

Healthy Hair:

You can regain the health of your hair by adding walnuts to your everyday hair care regimen. Walnuts can be consumed or even applied as oil to maintain healthy hair.

Longer Hair:

Walnut is the best source of Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 fatty acids, and potassium. These ingredients help in strengthening the hair follicles. Apply walnut oil regularly to get stronger, healthier, longer, and shinier hair.

Prevents Balding:

Walnut oil can keep balding at bay. Apply this regularly to prevent the onset of balding.


Walnut oil is popularly used in hair oils for its rich hydrating properties. It acts as an anti-dandruff remedy that is 100% natural.

Healthy Scalp:

Apply walnut oil regularly to keep your scalp hydrated. This will also help you stay away from any medical conditions like dermatitis. Anti-fungal walnut oil is best to prevent infections like ringworm. This also helps to maintain a healthy and clean scalp and hair.

Highlights the Hair Color Naturally:

Walnut husk is popularly known as a natural coloring agent that can naturally highlight the hair. Walnut oil has a good number of proteins that improve your hair color while adding a healthy glow.

Improves your Hair:

It is suggested to apply the oil of walnut 3 times a week to get its benefits. For best and effective results, use it in conjunction with coconut or even olive oil.

Walnut Taco Meat:

  1. Soak raw walnuts in water overnight.  Also, rehydrate dehydrated (not-in oil) sun-dried tomatoes.
  2. In order to bring them to life quickly and soften them up, I boil 2 cups of water and soak the sun-dried tomatoes for 10 minutes until they are soft. Then, drain the water and place them in the base of the food processor with the large blade and process on high until they are chopped into little pieces.
  3. Add the raw walnuts and the remaining ingredients. At this point, it is extremely important that you PULSE the ingredients rather than the process on high. As a result, the walnut meat should look a similar consistency to taco meat. You don’t, however, want it to be too mushy by over-processing.
  4. Add taco seasoning and stir.
  5. Fry red onion in a pan
  6. Add taco meat and cook over medium-low temperature until the taco meat is heated through (about 10 minutes).

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.  It shows your interest in health or at least your curiosity.  I am truly enjoying learning more about the powerful benefits of the Herbs and Spices we use in our kitchens and hope you are too.  If you enjoyed this post and learning about this Doctrine if Signatures in Walnuts, please press the follow button, like it, and share how it helped you.  If you know someone who could be helped by this information please pass it on.  People are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)  I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread the word so that more people can live their best life now free and to the fullest.


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